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Expectant Parents


Prenatal Care Manassas, Fairfax & Haymarket, VA

At Capital Women’s Care, We Provide Comprehensive Prenatal Care Including Maternal Care, In-house Ultrasound Services, Genetic Testing & More. Please Call Us Today to Book an Appointment.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant parents, but it also comes with its share of important questions and uncertainty. At Capital Women’s Care, our expert obstetricians offer exceptional prenatal care that can help you prepare for the birth of your child and take care of your body, so you can ensure the well-being of your baby. We know how important it is for you to care for yourself in order to ensure your baby can develop normally and you can have a healthy delivery.

When should I schedule my first prenatal appointment?
It is important that you begin learning and implementing healthy habits as early as possible in your pregnancy to help protect and nurture your baby as they develop. You should schedule your first prenatal appointment as soon as you knew you are pregnant. This will give you sufficient time to meet with your doctor early in your first trimester and develop a pregnancy care plan that will ensure you and your baby stay healthy. The earlier you meet with your doctor, the longer you will have to develop a trusting and respectful relationship, which can have an important impact on the care you receive.

What prenatal health services do you offer at your practice?
At Capital Women’s Care, Dr. David Afram and his team take a comprehensive approach to your prenatal care. We understand the unique needs of expectant mothers and provide the support and care you need throughout every stage of your pregnancy. We can provide ultrasounds and fetal monitoring, routine prenatal laboratory testing, as well as both recommended and elective genetic testing. Our commitment to maternal care is why we offer so many essential services at each of our convenient locations in Manassas, Haymarket, and Fairfax, VA. Our goal is to help you navigate the complicated questions you have about your pregnancy and birthing experience, so you can feel confident in your treatment decisions.

Can you help me make decisions regarding my birth plan?
We understand that every pregnancy is a unique experience and our goal is to empower parents to make informed decisions about how they approach the birth of their child. We offer birthing classes and consultation services that can help you understand the different benefits of certain birthing methods and help you create a birth plan that is right for your family. We encourage the use of doulas for patients who are interested in the guidance and support they offer, as well as the importance of immediate bonding with your baby when possible. Our doctors are here for you during the entire pregnancy process and we welcome the opportunity to help families in our area enjoy the benefits of truly personalized, comprehensive prenatal care that takes the whole person into account. Let us help you make your pregnancy a safe and healthy experience for you and your baby. At Capital Women’s Care, we are dedicated to your total well-being from the beginning of your pregnancy through postpartum care. You deserve a doctor who will listen to your concerns and offer you the individualized care you and your family need.

If you are an expectant mother in Northern Virginia and are seeking comprehensive prenatal care that will protect your health and the health of your baby, contact Capital Women’s Care today to schedule a prenatal appointment. We proudly offer laboratory services, ultrasound screenings, and birthing classes to prepare you for healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. You and your baby deserve the best possible care and support, so trust our compassionate team to provide you with the prenatal services your family needs.