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Pregnancy Care Specialist

Capital Women's Care

OBGYNs located in Manassas, Haymarket and Fairfax, VA

When you’re pregnant, the right pregnancy care can make all the difference. Gather a dedicated, caring team of board-certified obstetricians around you to support you during this exciting time of your life. The compassionate, knowledgeable obstetricians at Capital Women’s Care are ready to serve you from their offices in Fairfax, Manassas, and Haymarket, Virginia. Call any office or request your appointment online today.

Pregnancy Care Q & A

What should I expect from pregnancy care?

Capital Women’s Care is here to partner with you during the important season of life that is your pregnancy. They believe that every pregnancy is a unique and exciting experience. They strive to empower their expecting mothers or couples in their care by discussing their individual concerns and goals, providing each expectant mother with the type of birth experience they desire.

What does pregnancy care include?

The board-certified obstetricians at Capital Women’s Care provide expecting mothers with fully guided pregnancy care for all three trimesters of their pregnancy and labor. 

They partner with you as soon as you find out that you’re expecting, walking you through each step of the journey as your baby grows. 

Some of the services they provide during your pregnancy include:

  • Patient-centered prenatal care
  • Birthing classes
  • In-office ultrasound services
  • In-office laboratory services
  • In-office recommended and elective genetic testings
  • Referral to high-risk consultants when needed

And they don’t stop working with you once you bring your baby into the world. Capital Women’s Care also offers postpartum care and support. They know that your work is just beginning once your pregnancy ends. They’re here to answer any questions you have as a new mother. 

Even if this isn’t your first baby, they know that each infant is different. So you never have to worry about your baby’s health, or if you’re doing things right, their team is available with dedicated postpartum support.

What kind of birth experience should I have?

Capital Women’s Care believes that childbirth is a highly personal experience. They strive to help you create the ideal birthing process. They support natural childbirth, including vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). With their dedicated VBAC care, they help you have the birthing experience you want even if you’ve been counseled that it could be challenging after a past cesarean section.  

Additionally, Capital Women’s Care supports doula services for their patients. They know that doulas can provide further help and guidance during the labor and birth process and collaborate with these birthing professionals to best care for you.

What happens after I give birth?

Adjusting to motherhood is a major transition — and you don’t have to go through it alone. To support you during this important time, your Capital Women’s Care provider offers postpartum care. 

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life. Capital Women’s Care works with you to give you the best pregnancy, birthing experience, and postpartum care possible. To get started with their dedicated pregnancy care, call the office or request your visit online.