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Prenatal & Birthing Experience Specialist

Capital Women's Care

OBGYNs located in Manassas, Haymarket and Fairfax, VA

At Capital Women’s Care in Fairfax, Manassas, and Haymarket, Virginia, the experienced OB/GYNs are committed to providing the best prenatal care personalized for you in a safe and private environment. Their services include maternal care, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) delivery, in-house ultrasounds, genetic testing, and more. Call your nearest office today or schedule an appointment with Capital Women’s Care online.

Prenatal & Birthing Experience Q & A

What should I expect from prenatal care?

Capital Women’s Care believes in providing you with exceptional quality prenatal care personalized for your wants and needs. And they deliver that in a trusting and safe environment where you can feel understood and prioritized. Their team of board-certified obstetricians believes that every pregnancy is a unique and exciting experience. 

They encourage communication and strive to give you the best access to their physicians and staff. They have seen time and again how their entire team can serve as a stable foundation for a healthy pregnancy, becoming an integral part of your experience as an expectant mother. 

They strive to empower their expecting mothers or couples in their care by discussing their individual concerns and goals. They take the time to help you understand all of your options during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery process, ensuring you have a say in all of the decisions that are made about your baby and your body. 

What is included in prenatal care?

The Capital Women’s Care prenatal care consists of:

  • Patient-centered prenatal care
  • In-office ultrasound services
  • In-office laboratory services
  • In-office recommended and elective genetic testings
  • As-needed referral to high-risk consultants
  • Birthing classes

During your prenatal care, you work with your obstetrician to plan your ideal birthing experience. 

What will my birthing experience be like?

Capital Women’s Care strives to provide you with the type of birth experience you desire. They prioritize natural childbirth, even offering vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) services. If you’ve had a cesarean section in the past and want to work with a team that will help you deliver your baby vaginally, Capital Women’s Care is here to serve you.

They also support doula services for their patients, knowing that doulas can help you feel best supported during the birthing process. Capital Women’s Care works with your doula, collaborating to bring you the best level of care. 

Once you give birth, they encourage immediate bonding with your baby by allowing babies born by vaginal delivery to go straight to your abdomen. They continue working with you during the coming weeks and months, offering dedicated postnatal care and support. 

For more information about the prenatal care and birthing experience available at Capital Women’s Care, call the office or request your appointment online.