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Capital Women's Care Telemedicine Virtual Visits 


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To continue to better serve our patients and their needs Capital Women’s Care Fairfax-Manassas-Haymarket is now offering Telemedicine Virtual Visit.

  • For select consultations and visits types, you can now schedule a virtual visit where your doctor will connect with you through audio/video on your computer or smartphone using a HIPPA compliant secure virtual connection.
  • Available for new and established patients.
    • Evaluation of any symptoms or complaints.
    • Discussion of results or medications.
    • Discussion of treatment planning.
    • Order any tests if needed.
    • Prescribe any needed treatment to your pharmacy.
  • User friendly virtual audio/video connection with your doctor on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Secure and HIPPA compliant virtual connection.
  • Now covered by most insurances.

How do I set up a Virtual Telemedicine Appointment?

  1. Easily book online or by calling our office.
  2. Look for a confirmation E-mail that includes a link to use on the day and
    time of your visit to start your visit.
  3. On the day of your appointment click the link that was provided in your
    confirmation E-mail and follow the prompt to allow your device use of the
    camera and microphone and sign the electronic consent.

What types of conditions can be handled via Virtual Telemedicine Visit?

Conditions that can be evaluated and partially or fully managed via Virtual Visits include:

Menstrual Irregularities, Pelvic Pain, Ovarian Cyst, Endometriosis, Urinary
Track Infection, Vaginal Discharge, Positive Pregnancy Test, Birth Control
Consult, Abnormal Pap Smear results, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Fibroid
Uterus, Fertility Management, Breast concerns, Menopausal Symptoms,
Hormonal Replacement Treatment management.

Will my insurance cover a virtual visit?

Most insurance companies are now covering telemedicine services, for
specific plan benefits, you can reach out to your insurance company for the
most accurate and up to date benefit information.

To schedule a Telemedicine Virtual Visit call any of our offices or book Online.


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