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Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Manassas, Fairfax, & Haymarket VA

Have You Been Suffering from Urinary Incontinence Symptoms Like Overactive Bladder, Stress, or Overflow Incontinence? At Capital Women’s Care, Our Experienced Doctors Can Diagnose & Provide You Treatment Personalized for you. Call Us or Schedule an Appointment Online.

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Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Manassas, Fairfax, & Haymarket VA

For many women, urinary incontinence can be a common occurrence. Fortunately, there are discreet ways of managing urinary incontinence. Some women avoid treatment out of embarrassment, but these women are not alone, and help is right around the corner. Here at Capital Women’s Care, we provide urinary incontinence treatment in Manassas, Fairfax, and Haymarket VA.

Are there different kinds of urinary incontinence in women?

Yes, there are several different kinds of urinary incontinence in women. There is overflow incontinence, overactive bladder (OAB), stress urinary incontinence (SUI), and mixed incontinence (both OAB and SUI symptoms). Some of these types of urinary incontinence are very common in women, and the different types have different causes and symptoms.

What are the common symptoms of urinary incontinence in women?

If a woman has overflow incontinence, she will create more urine than the bladder can contain. The bladder becomes too full, and leakage occurs. This is more common in men than in women, but it is certainly just as difficult to deal with for women.

Overactive bladder, or OAB/urgency incontinence, is common in both men and women. With women, they can be affected after menopause, but sometimes a woman’s diet can contribute to OAB. The major symptom associated with OAB is a sudden, intense urge to urinate.

With stress urinary incontinence (SUI), the cause is weak pelvic muscles. SUI is more common in women, and it can result in bladder leakage during exercise or even laughing or sneezing.

Mixed incontinence occurs when a woman is experiencing both OAB and SUI symptoms at the same time. This type of incontinence can be especially difficult for a patient to deal with, but we can provide solutions here at Capital Women’s Care.

It can be difficult for women to determine the specific cause of their urinary incontinence, so it’s important to have the cause properly diagnosed and treated by a professional.

How is urinary incontinence in women treated?

Here at Capital Women’s Care, we can provide a number of discreet methods for managing urinary incontinence. Depending on the particular type of urinary incontinence a patient has, a professional might recommend absorbent products, like thin liners or discreet adult diapers, which can protect against minor leakage.

Some other patients might benefit from intermittent catheterization, an indwelling catheter, or an external collecting system. These methods can provide personalized and customized methods for collection and/or drainage. For patients who suffer from leakage at night, they can benefit from simple drainage bags.

With Capital Women’s Care, our specialists truly understand women’s health, and that urinary incontinence can be difficult to deal with. The first step is to get the assistance of one of our professionals. Come see us for a quick and easy consultation!

Where can I receive urinary incontinence treatment in Manassas, Fairfax, or Haymarket VA?

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