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Reducing the Likelihood of Anxiety During Childbirth

Childbirth is both an exciting and scary experience! A lot of emotions are running through your head, and many questions are arising during the whole process. Firstly, remember that you are not alone! Everybody who has been pregnant has experienced similar questions and experiences. There are two key aspects to being prepared for childbirth, and in turn, reducing the anxiety that can accompany it.

The first is a solid pre-childbirth education. My office regularly develops relationships with our patients so that we can make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. Whether it be checkups throughout your trimesters, answering questions, or discussing developments with the fetus, your reassurance is our first priority. Having a solid support base, in general, is essential to understanding what a childbirth may entail and what is normal stress and pain on the body.

The second best way to reduce anxiety is to receive regular support network. Whether this be family, friends, your physician, your medical team – or even all of them, having a support base ensures that you’re not going through the process alone. I know from years of experience that having a close friend or family member nearby during appointments always helps bring ease of mind.

Reducing stress is proven to ensure a more easy pregnancy. Make sure that you communicate with your support base about transportation, any special needs you may have during your pregnancy, or just regularly talking to them about questions and concerns you may have. Having people around to share in the miracle of childbirth enriches the entire experience.

At our office, we consider our patients family and are always ready to help you throughout any point in the process. Should you have any additional questions, my office is happy to provide consultations and help regarding healthy habits during pregnancies, check ups, and more. To schedule an appointment.

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