Gynecologist in Fairfax / Fair Oaks, VA


Our Gynecologists at Capital Women’s Care Fairfax, VA Are Well-informed, Intelligent & Experienced Physicians, Nurses & Staff That Can Help with All of Your Gynecological Needs. Our Clinic Is Open Monday Thru Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. We Are Located at 3700 Joseph Sieweck Dr #102, Fairfax, VA22033. We Can Be Reached by Phone at (703) 596-1125.

When choosing a gynecologist, you want to be sure you find one that can not only provide the services you need now, but one that will be there for you no matter what needs may arise in the future. At Capital Women’s Care in Fairfax, VA, we are proud to offer comprehensive OBGYN services near you designed to help women of all ages take control of their health now and throughout their lives. Our practice is welcoming and friendly, designed to put you at ease so that you feel comfortable discussing your intimate health issues with your doctor. If you have been searching for the right gynecologist only to come up short or put it off indefinitely because it is too difficult, Capital Women’s Care may be the right place for you.

We know that when the time rolls around each year for your well woman exam, it is likely not your favorite thing on your to-do list. However, your annual breast and pelvic exams are an essential part of your lifelong healthcare. This OBGYN exam allows your doctor to better understand your unique body and how it works. This means that if you ever come to your gynecologist with concerns regarding your health, it will be easier for them to identify abnormalities or dysfunction. At Capital Women’s Care Fairfax, we strive to make your annual exam less intimidating by creating a welcoming and compassionate environment where you feel safe and respected.

The gynecologists and medical staff at Capital Women’s Care want you to know that your opinions matter. We know that discussing intimate issues with any doctor can sometimes be difficult or even embarrassing, but we are here to tell you that everything you say within the confines of our office will always be addressed seriously and confidentially. We are proud to serve women in the Fairfax community by providing essential OBGYN health services that can increase their quality of life. In addition to well woman exams, we offer minimally invasive surgeries including NovaSure and the Minerva procedure that can reduce heavy bleeding and help you enjoy your life to the fullest. We also provide comprehensive treatments for endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

As women age, menopause may become a normal facet of their daily life. However, for some women, the symptoms can become overwhelming to the point that it negatively impacts their everyday experience. When this happens, it is important to speak with your gynecologist about treatment options. At Capital Women’s Care, we provide customized OBGYN treatment plans for women with menopausal symptoms. Pelvic prolapse is another health issue that most often affects older women. Many women suffering from the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse feel too embarrassed to voice their concerns. But if you are experiencing incontinence, voiding dysfunction, pain with intercourse, pelvic pressure, or bulging in the vagina, you should speak with your gynecologist about your treatment options. Capital Women’s Care is proud to offer pelvic rehabilitation physical therapy to help improve symptoms of pelvic prolapse.

If you live in or around Fairfax, VA, and looking for a gynecologist near you, contact Capital Women’s Care to schedule an appointment with an experienced gynecologist. We are proud to serve women in our community by providing essential healthcare services designed to help them lead full and happy lives. Call us at (703) 596-1125 or go online to schedule your appointment today.