South Asian OBGYN Manassas, Fairfax & Haymarket, VA


Are you looking for a highly qualified OBGYN doctor in the Manassas, Fairfax & Haymarket, VA area? Come to Capital Women’s Care today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sidhu. She is a board-certified OGBYN and is ready to diagnose and treat you for a variety of issues affecting your reproductive system. She can help maintain your health, but you need to schedule an appointment today!

Who is Dr. Sidhu?

Preetika Sidhu, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., grew up in Maryland and is a first-generation Asian American. She graduated from Haverford College in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1989. From there she attended Penn State College of Medicine in Hersey, PA. She received her medical degree from that institution in 1993. Finally, she finished her OBGYN residency in 1997 at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. She joined our clinic in 2019, and we are thrilled to have here treat our patients!

Why do I need to see a gynecologist?

Routine check-ups of a body’s reproductive system are essential for women to maintain their optimal health. Dr. Sidhu specializes in this area of the body, gynecology. She is board-certified to diagnose and treat medical concerns involving the fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, vulva, ovaries. She can also educate you on other important subjects like sexuality, infertility, contraceptives, and other medical issues. These are just some of the reasons to visit Dr. Sidu. She is ready to help keep you healthy today!

Is it essential to see a gynecologist?

Yes! Regular visits and preventive care are the best way to maintain your reproductive system’s good health. The regular tests and screenings you receive during your routine visits help catch a medical problem early before they become more severe and expensive to treat. Regular gynecological examinations combined with tests and screenings are beneficial when it comes to maintaining your health. Many conditions do not show symptoms in their early stages, making tests and screenings critical. If these are caught early, they can be more effectively treated. Meeting with Dr. Sidhu also allows her the chance to bring you up to date with any changes in the field. New guidelines and tests may be available, and she will bring you up to date with everything.

Dr. Sidu, as with the other doctors at our clinics, may also conduct several regular screenings to protect your health. These tests can include looking for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and cholesterol. She will also talk with you about any usage of tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol.

When should I visit Dr. Sidhu?

If you are a patient of Dr. Sidhu, you should schedule an appointment with her every year for a routine check-up. Most women begin their yearly check-ups with their gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 18. Pelvic examinations generally do not begin until a patient has turned 21. However, these examinations can start earlier if there is pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, or irregular periods. If the patient is a sexually active adolescent, then they should also be regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases. While pelvic examinations do begin at age 21, Dr. Sidhu will talk with you about how often these are needed. This will depend on your current health and medical history. Not all women will need pelvic examinations in all cases. Pap smears, a test for cervical cancer, should be conducted yearly starting at age 21.

Why should I choose Dr. Sidhu as my gynecologist?

It is a big decision for a woman to select her gynecologist. You can trust Dr. Sidhu when you need to discuss sensitive subjects like birth control, sex, menopause, and pregnancy. It isn’t uncommon to feel uncomfortable bringing these topics up with your regular doctor, who may not have experience in this area of medicine. Honest and open discussion of these subjects is key to maintaining the good health of your reproductive system. Dr. Sidhu is well versed in this area of medicine and will have time to sit down and talk to you about any of the subjects. It is especially crucial for teens to learn about reproduction, sexual function, and safe sex practices to avoid STDs.

Would you like to make an appointment with Dr. Sidhu? Call today and ask to be scheduled with our expert OGBYN and our staff will be more than happy to assist you.