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Looking for the Best Gynecologist Near You? Look No Further Than Capital Women’s Care. Dr. David Afram & His Team of Gynecology Specialists Offer a Variety of Services, Including Pregnancy Care, Menopause Treatment, Well Woman Exams, Ultrasound Services, Endometriosis Treatment, and Contraception Management. Call Your Nearest Location to Book an Appointment.

Women have specialized medical needs and they deserve experienced and compassionate doctors who understand how to provide the healthcare services necessary to ensure their health throughout their lifetime. At Capital Women’s Care, our dedicated staff provide the gynecology care and support you need to protect your health and support your overall well-being. We believe that high quality gynecologic care should be accessible for women of all ages, and we strive to provide everything women need to ensure their health at 3 convenient locations in Northern Virginia.

Why should I see a gynecologist?

Your gynecologist is an essential part of your healthcare team, which is why it is so important that you find the best one available. Dr. David Afram and his dedicated medical staff offer necessary screenings and support services. Your gynecologist is your first-line of defense for some of the most important health issues faced by women. Your well woman exam will include screenings for breast cancer and cervical dysplasia, which can lead to cancer, as well as other medical issues. It is also a good opportunity for you to discuss any intimate concerns or reproductive questions you have with an experienced specialist. Our gynecology specialists can offer insight into contraception management and techniques, so you can choose the best method for you.

What types of conditions can you treat at your practice?

Capital Women’s Care offer comprehensive gynecologic care for women with a wide range of health issues and concerns. We value the relationships we have with our patients because we understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable with your gynecologist, so you can feel free to discuss intimate issues. There is no need for embarrassment at Capital Women’s Care; if you have a question about your body, we want you to speak up. Our exceptional gynecology specialists can offer treatment for ovarian cystsirregular or painful menstruationendometriosis, and many other conditions. Our gynecologists have a wide range of experiencing diagnosing and treating many different conditions that can impact your daily comfort as well as your reproductive health.

What if my pap smear returns an abnormal result?

A pap test is part of your well woman exam, designed to screen for abnormal cells within the uterine cervix. The cells your gynecologist collects will be examined for any abnormalities that may indicate precancerous changes or human papilloma virus (HPV). No matter what your pap test outcome, your gynecologist will always deliver your results with compassion and discretion. If your pap test reveals the presence of abnormal cells, you may require secondary testing, depending on the types of cells discovered. Both a colposcopy and a biopsy are common tests performed when abnormal cells are found. At Capital Women’s Care, your health and safety are our priority and we will discuss your next steps with you to determine the best path forward, so you feel comfortable with your diagnostic plan.

If you are a woman living in Manassas, Fairfax, or Haymarket, VA who is seeking an experienced gynecologist who can offer you the best care available in the area, contact Capital Women’s Care today. Our dedicated gynecology staff will help you prioritize your health for a longer, happier life. You deserve access to the best healthcare services in order to support your reproductive well-being. Capital Women’s Care offers the best diagnosis, screening, and treatment options for women of all ages.