OBGYN Clinic in Fairfax, VA


Looking for an OBGYN Clinic Near You? Look No Further Than Capital Women’s Care. Dr. Afram and His Team of OBGYN Specialists Offer a Wide Range of Women’s Health Services to Patients in Manassas, Fairfax, Haymarket, VA, and All Surrounding Areas. Please Call Your Nearest Location to Schedule an Appointment.

It can be difficult to find an OBGYN clinic you can fully trust. Women’s health and pregnancy are very personal issues, so it’s important to find a provider who will accommodate and support your wishes. With Capital Women’s Care, our first and foremost priority is to earn your trust and give you the reassurance you need during your time with us. We believe this is why we are the most successful OBGYN clinic in the mid-Atlantic region.

Capital Women’s Care is your OBGYN clinic in Manassas, Fairfax, and Haymarket VA. At our clinic, Dr. Afram and his team of OBGYN specialists are here to offer any women’s health services you require. This means we’re here for anything from a quick checkup, to support for pregnant women.

What services do OBGYN clinics provide?

OBGYN clinics will provide any services relating to women’s medical concerns. At Capital Women’s Care, we provide all of those services, and more. Some of these services include, but aren’t limited to:

OBGYN clinics can provide a number of preventative care services too. Capital Women’s Care would be delighted to offer you these services. We invite you to visit us regularly to help us detect and treat any issues early, and prevent many issues entirely. Some of the long-term services and care we offer include:

  • Regular tests for any conditions you could be at risk for
  • Regular health evaluations, tests, immunizations, and wellness services
  • Pap smear exams, if you request them
  • Support for expecting mothers
  • 6 weeks or more of postnatal support for new mothers

Do OBGYN clinics offer support for expecting and new mothers?

Yes, OBGYN clinics offer support for expecting and new mothers. Here at Capital Women’s Care, we offer complete support, including prenatal care, birthing services, and postnatal care. Our birthing centers are attentive and safe, so we welcome you to birth your baby here. We also offer care for women with higher-risk pregnancies.

With prenatal care, we offer ultrasounds to help you monitor your baby’s development, and we can provide a number of other services too. We recommend genetic screening, and provide this elective, optional service to our patients. This, along with some of our other tests, can help us determine the health of your baby during gestation. We can also provide carrier screens which can detect inherited diseases. Some of the other prenatal services we offer include nuchal translucency scans, cell-free DNA testing, second trimester blood screens, and others.

With postnatal care, we provide regular postpartum exams and more. For women who delivered by cesarean section, we also provide postoperative assistance and exams. Most new mothers benefit from 6 weeks of postnatal care, and we can provide that here at Capital Women’s Care.

Where is your OBGYN Clinic in Manassas, Fairfax, and Haymarket VA?

Our 3 locations are in Manassas, Fairfax, and Haymarket, and you can find directions on our contact page. On our appointments page, you can request an appointment with us, whether it will be for a checkup or for a full consultation with Dr. Afram.

If you’ve been searching for an OBGYN clinic near you, then you can be sure our clinic is an excellent choice. We really do believe you’ll have a great experience with us here at Capital Women’s health, so we hope you look forward to it like we do!