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Pregnancy is a time of your life where you’re overcome with joy. However, you now have a responsibility for a small human even before they arrive on earth. At Capital Women’s Care, Dr. David Afram and his team offer the Manassas, Haymarket, and Fairfax, VA areas with expert care and support before pregnancy.

Preconception Care

Infertility affects one-fifth of couples. Approximately, one-third of these couples who experience problems do so because of the woman while another one-third of cases experience problems because of an unknown reason. Our clinic helps identify issues that could be hindering your ability to get pregnant. We can help you make lifestyle changes that enhance your fertility and promote conception. If we notice you have a problem, we can treat it or refer you to a specialist. Additionally, we assist women in bettering their overall health before pregnancy, so they have healthier and happier pregnancies.

Prenatal Care

During pregnancy, you’ll have between 10 to 15 appointments, depending on your risk factors as well as when you figure out you’re expecting. Generally, during the first 28 weeks, you’ll have one appointment per month. During the first six to nine weeks, you’ll have a sonogram. You’ll also receive blood and urine testing for infections as well as a hormone level assessment. You receive your second sonogram between weeks 16 through 20. Depending on the positioning of the baby, we’re usually able to determine the gender at this point.

Weeks 28 through 36 include two appointments per month, possibly more if your pregnancy is high risk. We check your vitals and run some testing over the course of this portion of your pregnancy. You’ll have another sonogram at some point during your third trimester to ensure the baby developed properly and is in the correct position.

At the 36 to 40-week mark, you’ll be coming to our office for weekly visits, and we prepare you for labor and delivery.

Other testing may be recommended over the course of your pregnancy based on your risk factors and the baby’s development.

Our obstetrician assists during labor and delivery and makes sure you and the baby are safe throughout the entire process. Dr. Afram evaluates you after your delivery to assess you for any complications. He provides you with information about breastfeeding and formula feeding to help you nourish your baby the way you desire.

Post-Natal Exams

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are rough on a woman’s body, even if she’s healthy and had a natural birth. For this reason, six weeks after your delivery, we advise you to visit our office for a post-natal follow-up examination. At this appointment, our doctor evaluates your perineum or c-section incision. On the other hand, if you had a natural delivery, our doctor makes sure you’re healing properly. He’ll ask if you’re having any bowel or bladder issues and inquire about any bleeding you’re still experiencing. It’s an excellent time to discuss your concerns, talk about birth control, and determine if it’s safe for you to resume sexual intercourse.

Why Choose Us

Our doctor and team combine their experience and compassion to help you and baby stay healthy during all steps of pregnancy, both before conception and after delivery. We provide you with education and support during all aspects. We even take your mental health into consideration by screening you for post-partum depression.

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