Prenatal Care Doctors in Haymarket, Fairfax & Manassas, VA


Are You Looking for an Expert Prenatal Care Doctor Near You? Look No Further! Our Experienced Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. David Afram & His Team Provide Prenatal Care Services to Patients in Manassas, Fairfax, and Haymarket, VA. Please Call Your Nearest Location to Schedule an Appointment.

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, you’re more than likely overwhelmed with enjoyment and have a lengthy to-do list. One of the first aspects you need to address is getting medical care for you and your unborn baby. If you’re looking for a prenatal care doctor near Fairfax, Haymarket, or Manassas, VA, Capital Women’s Care may help.

What kind of doctor do you see for prenatal care?

While a general practitioner has the ability to provide pregnancy testing, you need care from a doctor who specializes in caring for expecting mothers. A majority of gynecologists are also obstetricians, which means they care for unborn babies and women during their pregnancy and even after. At Capital Women’s Care, Dr. David Afram takes care of women’s healthcare needs during every aspect of their lives, including pregnancy. Dr. Afram is an expert obstetrician-gynecologist who takes into consideration the needs of you while also ensuring your unborn baby remains healthy. Dr. Afram has experience with labor and delivery as well.

When should I go to the doctor to confirm pregnancy?

We advise women to get tested for pregnancy early. This prevents possible complications and can help a woman take care of herself optimally as soon as she knows she’s pregnant. Generally, we advise women to schedule an appointment six to eight weeks into the pregnancy, unless she has a health concern that increases her risk for a miscarriage or other complications. At this visit, you’ll not only receive a pregnancy test, but our obstetrician will provide you with a comprehensive examination. We’ll monitor the baby’s heartbeat and provide blood testing and a urinalysis.

How do I choose an obstetrician for pregnancy?

We recommend you figure out the hospital you plan to deliver at first based on their reputation and location to you. Then, you should look into the different obstetricians that serve that particular hospital. Once you have a list established, you need to research and see which obstetricians take your insurance. Keep in mind, if one is out of your network, you’ll pay for a majority, if not all, the care you receive from this practitioner. After you narrow down your list, it’s important to find reviews about the practitioners you’re interested in. You may want to read reviews online or inquire about the practitioners your friends and family have used in the past, especially if this is your first child or you’re new to the area. You want a doctor that’s compassionate and willing to answer all of your questions. Additionally, you need a physician who has experience.

How many prenatal visits are necessary?

The schedule varies from patient to patient based on your risks, but you can expect to have between 10 to 15 appointments. Generally, you’ll have one appointment each month between weeks four through 28. During weeks 28 to 36, you’ll need to visit our office twice per month. Once you reach weeks 36 through 40, you’ll have one appointment each week.

The first few appointments consist of us gathering your medical history, conducting some testing, and supplying you with education. You’ll have your first sonogram between six to nine weeks. The second sonogram occurs between weeks 16 to 20, which is often when we can determine the gender of your baby. Typically, you’ll have a third ultrasound in trimester three in order to determine the position and size of the baby as well as to evaluate your baby’s movements.

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