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Dr. David Afram & His Team Provide Comprehensive Obstetrical & Gynecological Care to Women in Northern Virginia. Our OB-GYN Services Include Prenatal CareWell Woman Exams & Breast ExamsMenopause CareMinimally Invasive Surgery, and Much More. We Have 3 Clinics in Manassas, Haymarket, & Fairfax, VA. Simply Call Your Nearest Location to Schedule an Appointment.

Although a gynecologist offers prenatal care, services provided extend beyond just evaluations during pregnancy. Our office helps women receive birth control as well as assess them for certain types of cancer. Our experienced gynecologists help women during menopause, and our team can even perform minimally invasive surgeries to correct issues like fibroids, pelvic organ prolapse, and heavy menstruation. At Capital Women’s Care, serving the northern part of VA and beyond, we understand women’s health issues and offer a wide array of preventative care and treatments to assist.

When to see a gynecologist

If an adolescent has any problems when beginning menstruation, you should bring your daughter in for an examination, and we can develop an appropriate schedule for her. In general though, we advise women to begin seeing the gynecologist when they first become sexually active or around the age of 21, whichever comes first. Then, they should come in yearly for an exam. Obviously, in addition to routine preventive care, we advise women to receive gynecological care any time they feel they have any vaginal or breast-related issues, including abnormal bleeding or discharge, lumps, or pain. Prenatal care is essential, so as soon as a women know she’s pregnant, it’s important to start receiving gynecological care.

About preventive screenings

Our gynecologists offer a variety of preventative screenings that help keep a woman healthy and detect issues early. We provide routine examinations that we recommend for all women at different stages of their reproductive lives, and we offer testing for people who are at risk. For instance, one common test we advise women to get routine is a Pap smear, which consists of our doctor using a tool to remove a small sample of cervical cells. We test the cells to see if any are abnormal. It can help detect cancer and cells that could eventually turn into cancer.

Our gynecologist provides breast cancer screenings using a manual examination along with a mammogram. He’s also able to test for STDs upon request.

Infertility and preconception services

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a year or longer, we can help you get pregnant by screening you for certain issues and recommending lifestyle changes. We offer some fertility treatments, but if you should happen to require further intervention, we can provide a referral. Our doctor can even assist women in improving their health before pregnancy. You may also want to receive genetic testing at this point to determine your baby’s risk of certain defects.

About pregnancy services

Once you become pregnant, our doctor supplies prenatal examinations during every step of your pregnancy. Additionally, he performs labor and delivery and can assist women who have a high-risk pregnancy.

About birth control and other services

For women who are trying to prevent pregnancy or are having issues with acne or their menstrual cycle, our gynecologist can provide a prescription for birth control. He’ll discuss your options and help you make the best decision for you.

Perimenopausal and menopausal women experience a number of unpleasant symptoms, and our Dr. Afram can help women manage their symptoms. Additionally, we offer treatments to correct fibroids, cysts, pelvic organ prolapse, heavy menstruation, endometriosis, and more. Our gynecologist is able to help women through every stage of their reproductive lives via diagnostics, preventative measures, surgical and nonsurgical treatments, and sound advice.

Schedule an appointment for a routine wellness exam, prenatal visit, or anytime you experience a woman-related problem with Capital Women’s Care, serving the northern part of Virginia and the surrounding area.

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