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Our Expert Team of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Offer a Wide Range of Services, Such As Pregnancy Care, Menopause Treatment, Well Woman Exams, Ultrasound Services, Pelvic Pain Treatment, and Contraception Management. Please Call Us at (703) 596-1152 to Schedule an Appointment.

When it comes to your health, you always want to make sure you receive the best care from the most qualified doctors available. When you require specialized treatment, you deserve the care of a physician who has dedicated their education and work to addressing your specific needs. At Capital Women’s Care in Northern Virginia, we provide everything that women need to ensure their health now and long into the future. Whether you are in need of a well woman examprenatal care, our menopause support, our experienced and compassionate OBGYN doctors offer you access to the diagnostic tools and high-quality treatment services you need and deserve to take the best possible care of your body.

Is hormone therapy right for me?

For many women experiencing menopause, targeted hormone therapy can relieve some of the most uncomfortable symptoms. Natural changes in your hormonal balance as a result of the aging process can lead to unpleasant changes in the body including hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. Hormone therapy can also help address long-term issues, including bone loss, that may arise as a result of menopause, which can decrease your chances of developing fractures because of osteoporosis. At Capital Women’s Care in Fairfax, VA, we understand that your body is unique and will work with you closely to develop a therapeutic hormone replacement plan that will effectively alleviate your menopause symptoms, so you can continue enjoying your life the way you want to.

How can I support my reproductive health?

The most important step toward protecting your health is to ensure you receive regular check-ups and screenings with your OBGYN doctor. You should schedule a well woman exam each year with your provider, so they can evaluate you for signs of cancer and other diseases. During your well woman exam, you can ask questions you may have and have them answered by a certified OBGYN. Additionally, these appointments are an excellent time to check-in with your doctor about how your body functions when you are not in the office. Your OBGYN can discuss your menstrual periods, contraception choices, and intimate health issues with you to determine whether any symptoms you may have experienced could be indicative of a serious condition. We provide comprehensive care that includes diagnosis and treatment for painful periods, ovarian cystsendometriosis, and other medical issues faced by women.

How can my OBGYN help me prepare for the birth of my baby?

The compassionate medical staff at Capital Women’s Care want to help make your pregnancy as healthy and comfortable as it can be. We provide birthing classes and prenatal services that will support the health of you and your baby during this incredible time. We understand that every pregnancy requires personal attention and care to ensure the health and safety of mother and baby. Our doctors will help you develop a birth plan that suits your lifestyle and needs, and we welcome the use of doulas and other pregnancy support professionals as you prepare for your expanding family. Our ultrasounds and fetal measurements will ensure your child develops normally in the womb, and our postpartum care services will help you understand your body and support its recovery from childbirth.

If you are looking for an OBGYN in the  Fairfax, VA area, visit Capital Women’s Care and let us show you why we are the only choice for your gynecology and obstetric needs. We offer comprehensive healthcare in a clinic that is designed to be welcoming and comfortable, so you can feel at ease with your provider and know you are free to ask every question you have. Our goal is to empower women in our community to take control of their reproductive health, so they can make informed decisions regarding their care at every stage. Call us today at (703) 596-1152 to schedule an appointment.

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